Although state-of-the-art machinery is crucial to our success, it is our team of highly-skilled and motivated employees that makes it possible for us to consistently deliver high quality results. Here at Feinmechanische Werkstätte Thomas Markl GmbH, we owe our achievements to our committed team of expertly-trained professionals.

A winning team.
Our professionally trained staff handles all our processes; we do not outsource. We emphasize craftsmanship, which allows each of us to contribute individual expertise to a specialized field in a collaborative team effort.

Quick turnaround thanks to flat hierarchies.
As a family business, we rely on a company culture marked by flat hierarchies and a large degree of individual responsibility. By communicating with each other openly and as equals, we can offer our customers timely delivery and quick response to inquiries.

Commitment to customer service. We are in close communication with our customers, enabling us to produce the right customized solutions for all applications. From the design stage all the way to delivery – we can walk our customers through every step of the production chain, especially when it comes to bespoke machinery and single-unit production.

Experience and know-how. Hands-on experience can make a world of difference in our field. When it comes to transforming a computer-assisted design (CAD) file into a computer-assisted manufacturing CAM routine, expertise and craftsmanship are practically indispensible.

Integrated quality management.
We are accredited according to ISO 9001. Our integrated quality assurance approach applies to all operations. Quality monitoring and process optimizations are all part of our daily operations – not just a matter of routine inspections.