Feinmechanische Werkstätte Thomas Markl GmbH offers a wide spectrum of custom precision parts, from basic milled parts to highly complex applications such as satellite and aerospace components. Our CNC machining centers provide 3- to 4-axis capabilities at ranges up to 1080mm x 710mm x 710mm, as well as 5-axis milling ranges at 800mm x 600mm x 500mm.

Utmost precision. Powered by digital drives, our CNC centers offer a high level of production accuracy and contour precision at high dynamics.

5-axis simultaneous metal removing. More than half of our CNC milling centers are equipped with 5-axis capabilities. This ensure that our customers can routinely expect on-time, accurate and inexpensive manufacturing of precision parts according to their specifications.

Accurate implementation of complex parts. By matching 5-axis capabilities with our integrated CAD/CAM-system, we can achieve true 5-axis-synchronized metal removal for even the most complex 3D-outlines and micro-shapes.